Bringing back the classics? Sonic Mania trailer revs up hype for 2-D wonder

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The pre-order trailer has been revealed for another new Sonic the Hedgehog game coming out in the August called Sonic Mania. This game showcases the original, classic style of Sonic and how it all began. For longtime, hardcore fans, this game is a brilliant idea. I appreciate that Sega is remembering the roots of Sonic and what is originally started out as. The real question is, why is Sega featuring the classic style of Sonic in all of their newest releases?

Sonic ManiaLet’s take a look at another upcoming game, Sonic Forces. This particular game gives the player the option to play as classic Sonic in a 2-D style. This is a rather new concept to the Sonic series, considering that Sonic has seemed to be going in a 3-D direction over the years. Having this option is truly nostalgic for fans.

Now we can see that Sonic Mania is going to be centered around the classic, original roots of Sonic the Hedgehog. It seems that Sega is really pushing the idea of bringing Sonic back to its roots in upcoming releases. Why would Sega make this sudden change compared to all of the previous 3-D, current games?

I think Sega feels bringing Sonic back to its roots will attract more players and fans, new and old. The classic style of Sonic is loved by almost everyone, so allowing the original levels and style to make a comeback will only boost its popularity. Over the years since Sonic has taken a 3-D direction with its games, the different titles were known to be a “hit or miss.” Some of these games were successful, such as Sonic Generations, while others fell flat, such as Sonic ’06. Therefore, if Sega were to bring back a style that everyone already knows and loves, that can only benefit them.

Sonic Mania gives me a lot of hope for Sonic’s future. Hopefully, this new direction that Sega is taking for its games will work out in their favor. Bringing back the classics should be a success for Sega. It will be exciting see what happens when Sonic Mania is released in the near future.

Sonic Mania is out this August for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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