Five Nights at Freddy’s world expands with Sister Location

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s legacy continues as Scott Cawthon unveils his most recent project on, Sister Location. Multiple teaser images were posted to lead up to this big reveal. We can currently only assume that Sister Location is a new FNAF game; the image that revealed this project has a new animatronic character in the background with the slogan, “There was never just one.” If you brighten the image, the words “Five Nights at Freddy’s” is revealed, seemingly affirming that this project is a part of that game series.

Sister Location

But what could “There was never just one” mean? Could this be Cawthon telling us there was a separate location besides the ones we were shown during the first four FNAF games? Could this piece together more of the complicated story that is still a mystery, even after four games in the series?

This game could either leave us with some closure and answers, or even more questions to be solved.

Sister Location

Some of the names of the new animatronics’ names were apparently discovered when a poster on Reddit went through the copyright catalog for Five Nights at Freddy’s. Some of the names include Baby, Ballora, Bidybab, Ennard, Funtime Foxy the Pirate, Funtime Freddy Fazbear, and Minireena. This leaves us wondering: Which of these characters is the one we see in the teaser image for Sister Location? Only time will tell.

Cawthon has left us with hope that some of these new animatronics and this new location in the game will fill in some of the gaps that have left FNAF fanatics digging for a story for over a year now. Hopefully, we can get some closure as to what happened with Fazbear Entertainment, all the way from Fredbear’s Family Diner, to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, to now the mysterious Sister Location.

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