Sci-fi horror game ‘Dead Space’ set for early release

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Dead Space, screenshot, Electronic Arts

Halloween is right around the corner and our friends at Electronic Arts have made it all the sweeter by announcing Dead Space will be released early. This is unusual as most games are delayed, not pushed forward. EA says the first person shooter/survival horror game will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 14, and for the PC on October 31st.

Dead Space, screenshot, Electronic Arts

According to the press release, “the decision to bring it to fans earlier was due to completing the game early. Having spent months of polishing, it will soon be ready to scare gamers.”

Dead Space mixes shooting, RPG and adventure elements into a thrilling sci-fi horror story where you must eliminate an alien presence on a derelict mining ship. Using weapons like the laser cutter and flamethower in zero gravity looks fun as hell, but you’ll have to take out mutant enemies in a strategic way or you’ll find yourself, well, dead.

Dead Space, screenshot, Electronic Arts

At this year’s E3 conference, awarded Dead Space with “Best Action Game” and brought some deserved attention to a great game that’s one of many in this fall’s exciting lineup.

For more information, check out the official Dead Space website.

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