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Old Spice gets in the game with D&D-inspired character class

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Talk about a roll-on D&D-odorant!

Old Spice, known for its quirky marketing campaigns, really went the extra mile on Wednesday. Not content to invade Super Bowl Sunday commercials for Tide laundy detergent, the fragrant men’s toiletries brand tweeted out a practically playable character class for “the greatest role playing game of all time” — in other words, Dungeons & Dragons.

The four-page document (also available here) details “the Gentleman” (aka “Gentle-lady):

“They are comedians and jokesters wrapped in the skin of heartthrobs and Casanovas (not literally, that would be gross). These charming travelers and purveyors of romantic miracles depend on their charm and good humor to see themselves through to the next all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. Whether it be a charming smile, a clever quip, or a catchphrase that dangerously dips its toes into the clear, cool waters of annoying repetition, the Gentlemen will always find a way to rise above any challenge and inspire their companions to greater feats, all in the name of selling more Old Spice deodorant than Old Spice is already selling.”

Possibly one-upping the Bard in annoyance potential, the Gentleman’s special abilities include “I’m on a Horse” (because the Old Spice Man, aka “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” aka actor Isaiah Mustafa, has been known to say those words and suddenly be, ahem, mounted).

There’s also Pleasurable Smells, Biceps and the eventual ability to turn into a Wolfdog until reduced to zero hit points, among other powers.

Sadly, though, there’s no sign of a “Smelf’s Acid Arrow” …

Like a paladin who commits an evil act, however, the Gentleman has his own form of Kryptonite: Failure to abide by the “Gentleman’s code” (by striking first against a member of the opposite sex) results in losing all skills and class features, which can only be regained by literally carrying a humanoid of the wronged sex for a full day, “like an ex-Gentleman should.”

Everyone but me seems to find the time to play D&D these days — even the Old Spice Man …

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