Gifts for the Geeky: RPGs


The Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Player’s Handbook Collection is a quick and economical entree to the hobby — and a great way for seasoned veterans who might want to return to adventuring. See D&Deal: 2 Player’s Handbooks for the price of 1

Jones’ D&D Spellcasting Soda is a novel way to celebrate the history of D&D. See Jones-ing for some D&D? Try Spellcasting Soda

Not ready to give up the 3rd Edition rules yet? The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game keeps the best of 3.5 and tweaks the rest, attracting a loyal following right out of the gate. See Pathfinder RPG uses its Charisma bonus, sells out first run

The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game brings the cult sci-fi classic to your tabletop and imagination. See Sneak peek at ‘Doctor Who’ RPG

Books about books, and previously-owned treasures. See No dice: Gifts for the dragonslayer who has everything

Here and there ...

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