Free RPG Day is just around the corner! (June 21)



Who says nothing good comes free? First we had Free Comic Book Day, then D&D Game Day, and now Free RPG Day is fast approaching.

On Saturday, June 21, head down to your friendly local gaming store for a free taste of the tabletop roleplaying hobby. Dozens of publishers will have special offerings, from beginner rules to adventure modules to dice.

Participating East Valley locations include: Gamer’s Inn on Southern Avenue east of Stapley Drive in Mesa; The Game Depot at McClintock Drive and Southern Avenue in Tempe; and Game Master Games, on Gilbert Road between Warner and Ray roads, Gilbert.

A list of the available freebies can be found here. Of note, Wizards of the Coast will offer an exclusive Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition adventure as well as painted miniatures, and both Chessex and Q-Workshop will offer exclusive gaming dice.

Why wait? Enter to win a D&D adventure now!

In the spirit of Free RPG Day, Nerdvana has a fantastic gift for readers: The first person to e-mail us by midnight Friday, June 20, with the correct answers to these five D&D trivia questions will collect some sweet D&D Game Day 2008 gear:

  1. What species, a Player’s Handbook character race in D&D since the First Edition days, has been moved to the Monster Manual for the new Fourth Edition?
  2. Name the best kind of armor for a wizard to wear.
  3. What Bibleman actor previously lent his voice to the early ’80s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon?
  4. Explain what THAC0 means. Provide examples, if necessary.
  5. Name the magical blade most likely to decapitate a foe.

Good luck!

The D&D Game Day kit includes a full set of gaming dice, a dozen painted miniatures, 5 demo character sheets, a battle map and an adventure booklet containing Into the Shadowhaunt, the scenario played June 7 by Game Day participants.

But wait — there’s more! The friendly folks at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, who were kind enough to let us host a Game Day event at their Phoenix store, have supplied a coupon for $10 off your next purchase at their fine establishment! (Second and third runners-up, if any, will also receive the coupon.)

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