Riddles and Ravens: a ‘Vane’ preview

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Mix a third of mystery with another third of puzzles, add a helping scoop of eerie calmness, and a dash of excitement, what do you get? The atmospheric explorer title by Friend & Foe Games: Vane.

Vane was initially released on the PlayStation 4 on Jan. 15, but will release on Steam on July 23. So does the changeover to PC make this title worthwhile?

Players kick off their quest in the game piloting a small child running through a stormy desert. Once the scene changes over, players get the chance to take control of a carefree bird jetting across the sandy landscape. Eventually the two become one and the same, lending itself to some interesting puzzles as your traverse the world of Vane.

It’s hard not to draw direct similarities between Vane and other titles such as Ico or Journey. In the beginning, Vane exhilarates by putting gamers in the pilot’s seat, wings in the air and oasis awaiting. As the game progresses, more mystery is given surrounding the young child and what literal (shapeshifting) effect they have on the world around them.

So is it worth buying on Steam? The switch up to PC certainly does lend itself in a reduction of glitches and environmental misfires that occasionally existed in the PS4 version. However, the somewhat frustrating camera and finicky controls still remain the same. Overall Vane plays smoother than before on PC, so this may be the better version for folks to experience it on for the first time.

Vane is now available on Steam for $19.99. View the launch trailer below.

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