Religious fanatics see ‘Resident Evil’ as the new D&D

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retdc_fob_jpg_jpgcopyA group of clergymen in the United Kingdom has demonized Capcom’s Wii game Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for glamorizing violence (yawn) and promoting the occult.

“If we dabble in this area we open ourselves to influences and put ourselves at risk. I would regard any encouragement for children to be drawn into this behaviour with extreme horror,” the Rt. Rev. John Goddard is quoted as saying by the news site MCV.

This also just in: Ouija boards and Dungeons & Dragons are responsible for opening the yawning portal to Hell that now threatens to devour us all.

The Darkside Chronicles became available Nov. 17 for the Nintendo Wii in North America and will be released in Europe on Friday, Nov. 27, bundled with the Wii Zapper accessory. The game is a re-creation of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Code Veronica, and features intense, arcade-style zombie shooting for one or two players (simultaneous). It has been rated M for mature.

To their credit, Capcom isn’t taking this persecution lying down and promptly fired back:

“Most games (and movies) like Resident Evil show characters fighting evil not supporting it. Unfortunately the clergy is showing a lack of understanding of the video games industry and is too quick to splash the holy water and lump video games players into stereotypical boxes.

“Video games are entertainment and like horror movies or other scary films they are covered by a ratings system. Resident Evil for example is a 15 and not suitable for anyone under that age. Parents have to be trusted to adhere to these age restrictions and use common sense.”

While Kotaku has criticized Capcom for taking the bait and defending its product, I believe it’s important to stand up for the universal right to have fun and blow off some steam by blowing away some zombies. The M rating (or whatever its European equivalent) is clearly established by now.

The church should be calling for parents to get involved in their children’s lives and see for themselves whether the games they play are appropriate. The real horror is the hordes of zombified mothers and fathers who simply can’t be bothered to take that responsibility.

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