UPDATE: Nintendo DSi forced to grow up quickly

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dsiIs the new Nintendo DSi already about to get a makeover? (UPDATE: Yes it is.)

If rumors in the Japanese press are true (UPDATE: And they are), a version with a 4-inch display will debut in that market this year, in response to demand from older users who find the portable gaming system’s 3.25-inch screen too small. (It’s actually going to be 4.2 inches, according to Kotaku. Plus, Nintendo tells the Gawker network gaming site that the device, known as DSi LL in Japan, will come to the West as the DSi XL early next year.)

And the kids who use them play their music too loud and don’t respect their elders these days — but I’m sure Nintendo is working on that, too.

Original post: Oct. 27; updated Oct. 29

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