Dystopian tabletop-style video game Epocylipse debuts at 2016 Phoenix Comicon

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There was much for fans to see at the 2016 Phoenix Comicon such as celebrities, cosplay, panels, and the like. Among the many things to check out, the Arizona Video Games Showcase returned as a spot within the convention for independent developers to show off their games to attendees. It was here that Epocylipse: The Afterfall officially made its debut. 

True to its name, Epocylipse is a PC game that takes place 60 years after a comet strikes Earth and throws humanity into chaos. Players are thrust into post-apocalyptic North America to traverse as they please; be it as a savior, tyrant, or anything in between.

The title will function as a unique turn-based role playing game, where characters tackle things very similarly to a traditional non-linear tabletop RPG such as Dungeons & Dragons. Players can create their own characters and have them learn skills as they go along, without being limited to a given class (such as paladin, thief, etc.), level requirements, or story checkpoints.

“You’re not a hero in this game, you’re you.” commented Epocylipse lead game designer and executive producer Mike Weiser during an interview at Phoenix Comicon. “You don’t need to pick like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna be an assassin.’ There is no professions, there is no levels, there’s no hit points, it’s more based on a real-world kind of feel.”

Mike Weiser stands with his Epocylipse team members at their Phoenix Comicon booth.
Mike Weiser stands with his Epocylipse team members at their Phoenix Comicon booth.

The game will carry numerous contracts, or quest lines, for players to tackle however they want. Characters can try to avoid fights or brawl their way to solutions, ally with any of the seven in-game factions or make enemies of them, or anything else that strikes their fancy. On top of this open-ended gameplay, the title will also reportedly boast full voiceover and adjustable real-time rules in which characters can age or events can transpire even after players log off.

Epocylipse: The Afterfall is a complex game with a lot of elements figured into it, which is unsurprising given the six years Weiser reportedly spent writing it and the additional couple of years it has been in active development. The game is produced by Phoenix-based studio Razor Edge Games, with approximately 207 volunteers working on it. When posed with the question of potentially turning to an outside publisher or even Kickstarter to get the resources to fast track the game, Weiser had this to say:

“When you’re rushed for time and publishers say you only have so much time, you gotta cut stuff.” said Weiser. “We’ve tossed around the idea [of a Kickstarter project]. They [the development team] wanna do it, but I don’t want to give the public the impression that this is the only way we can get the game done. But it’s obviously gonna shorten our time, since some of our team could quit part-time jobs and work fully on this, so that’s our angle on it.”

At its current status, Weiser estimated that the game would be fully released to the public in 2017. He commented that decisions on a potential Kickstarter for the project will be made in the coming weeks. Pre-alpha however, will kick off in the next few months with plans for a beta later this year.

For more information on Epocylipse: The Afterfallvisit their website. Visitors can register on the games’ forums using promo code CART33 for a chance to win a closed beta game key and exclusive in game content just for Nerdvana readers.

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