‘Ravensdale’ promises steampunk fantasy action

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Ravensdale "Steam Lord"

I’m already pumped about Ravensdale, the new fantasy action game announced today by German development studio Spellbound Entertainment AG. It won’t come out until 2012, when it will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms — but the description and concept art have caught my attention.

Here’s how the game is described:

A fast paced fantasy action game in a very unique “steam powered” setting featuring cool and outrageously over-powered gadgetry. The player will seek out high pressure steam outlets, to supercharge his equipment, allowing him to pulverize his adversaries and overcome the obstacles on his path.

I’m always wary when anything is dubbed “unique” — especially “very unique — but the mechanics sound promising.

Spellbound CEO Andreas Speer had more to say in the game announcement, while dancing around the term “steampunk,” which we all know is the driving force behind Ravensdale:

“Our ‘steam powered’ approach brings a completely refreshing and surprising value to the fantasy action genre.”

More hyperbole, perhaps, but this looks like it will be a title to watch. Have a gander at the concept art made available with the announcement (click to enlarge).

Ravensdale "Orc Gunner" Ravensdale "Steam Lord"

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