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Boy, have the D&D folks at Wizards of the Coast have gone contest-happy, or what?

Their latest competition lets fans design a set of Dungeons & Dragons-themed sneakers with a chance to win $1,000 and gamer swag.

news_20090625You don’t need to bargain with extraplanar beings to get a pair of customized D&D sneakers. You just need to design ’em—and win a popularity contest.

We’ve partnered with RYZ to set up a contest where fans get to design a special edition set of D&D-themed shoes.

You get to decide what goes on every surface of the shoe—Inside and Out, Heel to Toe, Ankle to Asphalt.

Just download the design template from RYZwear.com, and get to work.

Once you’ve finished min/maxing your design, send it in. RYZ will turn your creation into a 3D model and the community will start voting.

When the dust settles, and one pair of shoes is left standing, the winning designer will get $1,000 cash, as well as autographed D&D goodies.

Of course, if you come out on top, gamers all around the world will be able to fill their Feet slot with your shoes.

The competition begins on June 30th.

Check out RYZwear.com for details.

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