Prince Harry on why Fortnite should be banned

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By Melissa Zaremba

PHOENIX – Prince Harry shared his thoughts on the popular video game Fortnite and how the game can be harmful to someone’s health. His words are sparking debate on whether the game should be banned.

But is he right?

At an event at the YMCA in west London, the prince shared his thoughts and concerns on social media and gaming. For the game Fortnite, the Duke of Sussex said the game “shouldn’t be allowed,” and it’s creating an “addiction” to the computer and he thinks it’s so “irresponsible.”

For those who unfamiliar with the game Fortnite, it’s a global hit online video game, that is free to download and has a gaming concept to fight against players in order to survive. The game was recently targeted of a lawsuit for creating “gaming disorders” and being too “addictive” to players.

Prince Harry also shared his thoughts on social media and how it’s more addicting than drugs and alcohol.

Prince Harry urges parents to take action and have their children interact with the outside world rather than playing video games or on social media.

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