The hunt for Senpai … delayed? Yandere simulator problems, solutions and updates

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Yandere SimulatorThere have been some updates from Yandere Dev, the developer and creator of the popular game Yandere Simulator. This game is for the PC and is available for download on the official Yandere Simulator website. The game is currently still in development and will continue to be that way for quite some time.

Yandere Simulator features a high school girl who is madly in love with her “Senpai,” a boy she watches at school. However, this Yandere feels no true emotion or sympathy and will hurt anyone who gets in her way to finally reaching her Senpai and getting him to fall in love with her.

In a recent Youtube video posted by Yandere Dev, he discusses why the game is taking so long to develop and the problems arising from this. He states how he is the developer and lead over every department working on the game, which leaves him less time to actually do coding and programming on the game. That is why the game is taking a long time to finish.

He also expresses his concern of how he works 12 hours a day, seven days a week and how he still does not get enough time to do coding for the game to add frequent and major updates often. This delay is caused by him leading all the departments, such as the modeling and animating departments.

However, soon after, there was another video posted by Yandere Dev that discussed some of the possible solutions to this problem. One of the possible solutions is for Yandere Dev to stop relying on donations and to sign a contract to work with a gaming company to help speed the progress of game development. All of the possible solutions that are to be voted on are in the video.

Some of the latest updates for Yandere Simulator include new hairstyles, more sound effects, and even where the students walk in the schoolyard. As of now, it is being determined how to speed up the progress of development for Yandere Simulator, so it’s certainly worth keeping a close eye on to see where the game is taken.

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