Walking with Her

A thinking game: Walking With Her

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Walking with Her creator Swordyswords
Swordyswords, creator of Walking with Her

A few days ago, a new game was released by the game creator Swordyswords called Walking with Her. It is an interactive simulation game for the PC on Gamejolt that is sure to bring any player to tears. The game is like no other in its storytelling qualities, metaphors and mysteries.

Walking With Her is the story of a young girl and her struggles growing up as she overcomes heartbreak, depression, and other struggles that eventually lead her to finding her true love. This game is unique with features and style that definitely make it stand out.

One such feature would be the mystery surrounding the game and the way the story is told. The name of the girl whose life you are living is never revealed; in fact, the player gets to create her name at the beginning. The story is narrated in third person all the way until the end, when you actually speak to the girl and see how far her life has come after all the struggles.

Walking with HerAnother unique feature to the game is its style. The game is short, sweet, and to the point; so, the entire story is able to unfold in a very short time. The visual style of the game is pixelated and almost blurry, leaving much to the imagination of the player. The game uses plenty of metaphors to get across the message the creator was trying to convey (for example, a blank picture of a guy that this girl used to know but wasn’t kind to her could represent the heartbreak she endured).

The ambiance and atmosphere is what really captures the mood and emotion of the unconventional story. Contrasting with the simple visuals, the sound effects and music immerse the player in the character’s world, really making them feel what the girl in the game is feeling. It brings this game to the next level.

Walking With Her was a bit of a surprise, as there was no trailer for the game or any clues that it was coming. The creator, Swordyswords, said in his description of the game, “This really isn’t a very hyped up and exciting game if you’re into that. This game will make you think and in the end, you will be able to put all of the pieces together to figure everything out.”

Although this game came as a surprise to all, it is definitely worth playing if you love emotional heartfelt games that make you cry, feel something, and most importantly, think. This game makes the player stop and reflect on the character’s life as well as their own life.

If you are looking for a slower paced game with lots of emotion, Walking with Her is for you.

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