The Sims 4 expanding the family with ‘Parenthood’

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The Sims 4 has been one of the most widely known and popular games for the PC. On May 30, there will be a new addition coming to this game, and it looks very exciting. The new “Parenthood” addition is coming soon, and there will be all new features arriving with it.

In this new feature, the player is able to have children and shape their personalities and the way they grow up in detail. According to the trailer, it is up to players what kind of parents they are and how they raise their children. Players will also be able to customize their houses with all new kinds of household items and accessories.

The trailer does not go into specifics, but it does say there will be all new family activities for the player to experience. It does show different activities that the player can do with their children, such as cheer them up when they are sad, shoot fireworks, and have a family meal. These could possibly be just a few of the new activities that the player can participate in as a parent with their family.

The Sims 4: Parenthood’ Since The Sims is such a popular game with high standards from the fans, we can only hope that this new addition to The Sims 4 lives up to the rest of the game that has already been released. Considering the trailer looks so fleshed out and polished already, we can only hope that this new addition will release with minimum bugs and with lots of new and fun features.

From the trailer, it seems the expansion will be more family-oriented from what The Sims games typically offer. It could be something fresh and new, which is thrilling to think about. Only time will tell what the new “Parenthood” feature will truly be like when it releases.

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