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The plot twist: new FNAF teasers released

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Very recently, four new teasers were released for Five Nights at Freddy’s. The very first teaser revealed was on Scottgames.com. It was titled, “Twisted Freddy” and had an illustration of a new version of Freddy Fazbear. This one has a resemblance to Nightmare Freddy, but instead of being a 3-D model, this Freddy is depicted in an illustration.

When this picture of Freddy is brightened, there are two number codes that are revealed.

FNAF teasersWhen typed into the URL address of Scottgames.com, there are two other teaser pictures that are shown on the page. The first one is of “Twisted Bonnie.” This Bonnie is even more vicious than Nightmare Bonnie, with multiple sets of teeth and lots of his fur suit melted off, revealing his endoskeleton around his chest and body.

The other teaser is a completely new character. This one is a wolf, who is part animal and part animatronic. This character has never been seen in the series before, so it is a complete mystery of who this could be. This character, along with the other two, are shown in illustrations rather than the usual 3-D model style.

However, there is one thing we could all more than likely agree on. Considering the new FNAF book coming this summer is called FNAF: The Twisted Ones, these characters are most likely linked to the book in some way, and these teasers are relating to the new book release. This shows us that there will be updates versions of the already popular and loved characters for the book, and there will also be a new wolf character coming to the series, at least in the book.

FNAF teasersThe final teaser is on fnafworld.com. This teaser shows us a character’s eyes that resemble Baby from Sister Location. There are many speculations and guesses of what this could be, and why it was posted on the FNAF World website instead of Scott Games. Most fans assume that this character is Baby, but other fans have different thoughts. In my personal opinion, this character is more than likely Baby. This teaser could lead us to believe that there will be a second Sister Location game released, but we cannot be too sure just from one picture.

Another question is, why was this teaser posted on fnafworld.com and not scottgames.com? We all believed that the spin-off RPG game, FNAF World, had been put to rest and would not be getting any future updates. However, this new teaser could make us second guess that idea.

At this point, all we can do is wait and see what Scott Cawthon, the developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s, decides to show us next and what will be revealed in the future.

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