Game over: Saying goodbye to FNAF World

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FNAF WorldThe game that once had such a rocky start in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, FNAF World, has finally come to a close. A mobile port for the game had been released recently, but taken down due to many bugs and the game being considered “broken.”

In Scott Cawthon’s most recent FNAF World devlog on Gamejolt, he says his “time and effort would be better spent on new projects.” Cawthon also says that he loved working on the project and moving this game from Steam to the Gamejolt platform made him realize what a great community Gamejolt has.

Many requests had come in for an “Update 3” to the game, but Scott confirmed that this will not be happening. If you visit, the page where usually bright and vivid FNAF World characters and news existed is now a simple black screen. This points to the fact that there will be nothing more added to FNAF World.

While FNAF World had a rocky start and it took a while to win over the fans of the FNAF franchise, FNAF World was a successful game overall with positive ratings and fans of the game. Update 2 added even more with new characters, new missions, new storylines, and even an ending that was a foreshadow to the next game that has now been released, Sister Location. The game has definitely had its ups and downs, but Scott now feels that it is the game’s time to be concluded.

I believe that FNAF World needed a conclusion, and this was a good time to end it. I feel that a third update would have complicated the game a bit too much and would have possibly made the game lose its original RPG charm that the game started it. Overall, it was time for the game to conclude.

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