A new dimension: Fans bring Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise into the ‘Unreal’ world

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a successful horror game franchise featuring animatronic characters and jumpscares. However, due to the engine FNAF was made in, it is limited to being two-dimensional and in one setting. Even with the release of Sister Location, the movement was still limited.

However, other game developers have assisted in making FNAF come to life with three-dimensional fan games. One of the most popular games that brought FNAF into a new light is The Joy of Creation: Reborn. The free-roam setting within the game allowed the player to move freely and be chased by variations of the popular animatronics. However, this game was not set at the pizzeria or anywhere from the games.

Other games take this same concept and place them in the settings from the games. A couple examples would be The Shift at Fazbear’s Fright and Sister Location: Unreal Engine Edition.

The Shift at Fazbear’s Fright allows the player to roam the halls of Fazbear’s Fright from FNAF 3 while avoiding Springtrap from the game. Sister Location: Unreal Engine Edition lets the player experience the latest release, Sister Location, from a three-dimensional point of view with smooth animations and transitions.

The Unreal Engine is popular for powering these 3-D recreations of FNAF because it allows for free-roam movement and 3-D models, and adds a whole new type of experience from the original FNAF games. Developers more than likely enjoy recreating the FNAF games but in a 3-D experience so the players and fans can see what it would really be like to explore the buildings from the original games.

Playing these 3-D recreations allows players to really get a feel for the original games and what the buildings are like from a new perspective. It lets the players and fans understand and appreciate what the developer of the FNAF games, Scott Cawthon, was trying to convey in the official series.

This fresh take on the FNAF games is intriguing and as the game series continues to grow, so will the fan games and the recreations of these 2-D games. Cawthon’s work can truly be appreciated in the way that he conveys what the buildings and atmosphere would feel like, even when he is limited to a 2-D setting.

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