Emily is Away Too

Emily is Away Too hours from release, years from original

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In less than 24 hours, an exciting new sequel will be released based off of the highly successful computer messaging simulation game Emily is Away. This new release is titled Emily is Away Too, and will feature all new characters including a new Emily and different decisions to make in order to determine the fate of this character.

The original Emily is Away game was all about creating a chat name on an old messaging feature of a computer and talking with a fellow high school student named Emily to determine both of your outcomes by the end. It was an emotional and heartfelt game with lots of drama, excitement and tears. Emily is Away brought a sense of nostalgia considering the game was based on the old Windows XP computers and chat clients like ICQ and AIM. That would bring back memories for almost anyone who grew up around the turn of the century!

Based on the description of Emily is Away Too, there will be a new Emily, who is once again a high school student. The player will also be able to message a character named Evelyn as you determine the outcome of their senior year in high school. This time, the player will be able to access Facebook-like profiles (“FaceNook”), video links and file transfers. It seems that the game will be similar to the original Emily is Away, but perhaps in a more modern incarnation.


Emily is Away Too
Emily is Away Too

We are counting down by the hour for this exciting release. On May 26th, it will make its grand debut. The hype is building as fans hope that this game lives up to its original version. Only time will tell in the coming hours whether this game lives up to the previous Emily is Away standards, or falls flat.

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