Papercraft calendar: Roll up 1d12 months of 2019

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1d12 calendar

If you’re still looking for the perfect desk calendar to see you through the year, try this: a printable dodecahedron papercraft calendar that’s the same shape as the 12-sided dice (also known as 1d12s) often found at the table during Dungeons & Dragons sessions.

The finished product, offered as a free download along with many others from Craft Meister, can be printed on cardstock in one of several visual themes and date formats.

While you’re pondering the year ahead on your giant 1d12, why not check out Nerdvana’s community calendar page and find some geeky local fun to fill those days?

However you choose to celebrate the New Year, know this: Nerdvana thanks you for reading, sharing and supporting our content!

Note: This post is an update of a similar entry from years past. The link to the printable papercraft calendar has been updated for the 2019 calendar.

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