No easy way out of the Dungeon … or the Dragon

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D&D Insider, the online service that has replaced the print magazines Dragon and Dungeon, is turning out to be harder to escape from than the Tomb or Horrors or the Ruins of Undermountain.

According to The Consumerist, DDI subscribers who want to cancel their memberships are getting a host of technical issues and something resembling a runaround. DDI has been plagued with problems, including the delay in key components such as the virtual game table and recent layoffs at Wizards of the Coast, the division of Hasbro that now oversees the Dungeons & Dragons brand.

Last year, Wizards made foes of many longtime fans when the company declined to renew their contract with Paizo to publish the print editions of Dragon and Dungeon. Instead, Wizards brought the magazines back in-house and added them to the subscription-based offerings of the new DDI service, coinciding with the release of D&D’s fourth edition.

The good news is that nonsubscribers can test-drive many cool features of the Insider for free, such as a demo of the online rules compendium, back issues of Dragon and Dungeon, and the beta version of the character creator. The bad news is that once they decide to fork over their money, ending the relationship won’t necessarily be an easy quest.

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