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Breath-taking Zelda DLC on the horizon

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Players of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are in for a treat later this week, with the release of the first set of DLC for the hot Nintendo Switch (and, to a lesser extent, Wii U) title. I’ve already sprung for a season pass and am looking forward to checking out what Nintendo has to offer for this already great game.

According to Nintendo, there will be two DLC packs. The first comes out on June 30, and the second arrives this holiday season. The first pack contains a new hard mode, the Trial of the Sword, new armor and the Hero’s Path mode. The current information for the second pack is a bit vague, with Nintendo’s website stating simply that the second pack will contain an all-new dungeons, original story and “even more challenges.” Whatever that means.

Anyhow, DLC Pack #1, dubbed “The Master Trials,” is going to be fun and action-packed. I don’t normally go in for DLC, but this one has changed my mind. Here’s why:

Hero’s Path seems intriguing, as it draws a line on the map of all the places Link has been and where he spends the most time. It can probably be valuable for helping players backtrack and discover new things, or as a novelty for tracing your journey. I am unlikely to use it in my own game.

I will, however, tackle hard mode once I finish the game and am very much looking forward to the Trial of the Sword. Per IGN, the Trial of the Sword is much like the Eventide Island shrine, where Link has no weapons or armor to start with and must scavenge for equipment throughout. The Trial apparently goes through a gauntlet of 45 rooms before it ends, so players will have plenty of extra content for what they spend on the Zelda DLC.

In the interim, I still have 31 shrines, a single lost memory, one more Divine Beast and who-knows-how-many side quests to complete before I tackle Calamity Ganon. Also, I’m terrible at finding Korok seeds, but I digress. I leave with this terrible joke I once read in a Nintendo Power magazine:

“What did Zelda say when Link couldn’t open the door?”

“Try Force.”

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