Playing its way to victory: Wii Sports

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Wii Sports has been nominated for the 2017 Video Game Hall of Fame — and deservedly so. It is a game like no other that brought in unexpected elements to form a highly original game that has been fun the whole family for years.

The swing of a golf club or a tennis racket using the then-innovated Wii Remote controller is what made this game so memorable. This iconic game was synonymous with the Wii system and helped to boost its rise to popularity. One of the first launch titles for the Wii, it left its mark on both Nintendo and gaming history.

Typical sports games involve real teams and players with a familiar and realistic graphical style. Wii Sports took this to the next level mostly by throwing out convention. It had its own style with the customizable Mii characters that were native to the system. The way Wii Sports was played is just a classic example of how the Wii became a “classic” console. The unique controller and its effortless power made it stand out from other sports games on the market.

The game has overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans and critics, praising it for marking the start of a “new development direction” for Nintendo as a whole. Despite its simplistic graphics, Wii Sports has had huge impact on the gaming industry.

Wii SportsGrowing up, this game was one of my childhood favorites. Being able to use the controller to swing the baseball bat or to box my opponent let me feel fully immersed in the game’s world. It was the first game I played after unboxing my Wii, and it is the one that has stuck with me the most through the years. It made a positive and long-lasting impression.

For the 2017 Video Game Hall of Fame, Wii Sports will have to contend with many other popular and classic games, such as Donkey Kong and Resident Evil. I believe it can hold its own and potentially snatch the title considering the impact it had on development of Nintendo and the gaming industry. It is one that gamers will remember for a long time, whether it is inducted this year or not.

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