Splatoon’s Squid Sisters, Inkling repaints coming to Nintendo amiibo line

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Regular updates may have ceased on Splatoon, Nintendo’s unconventional Wii U shooter — but that doesn’t mean an end to the freshness.

Nintendo announced Saturday a sparkly amiibo two-pack featuring Callie and Marie, the stylish and snarky Squid Sisters who provide in-game updates and, now, entertainment. Available July 8 and retailing for $24.99, the set’s figures will unlock special musical performances in Splatoon.

Also coming July 8: recolors of the Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy figures (a green repaint of the originally orange girl, and a purple repaint of the originally blue boy), available individually or in a three-pack with an orange repaint of the Inkling Squid form, originally green.

The original set of Inklings, which are just being recolored here, were used to unlock special minigames and challenges in Splatoon’s single-player mode that offer exclusive gear and rewards. They could also be used in Super Mario Maker to unlock playable characters.

Hopefully Nintendo’s well-known amiibo availability issues have been resolved — although the original Inkling three-pack and individual Boy and Girl figures are now pretty widely available, initially you were sunk unless you had pre-ordered (or ordered from abroad at nearly double the price, as I may have done …).

Now, if we can only get them to make amiibo figures of Judd the cat, Spyke the back-alley sea urchin merchant and maybe even old Cap’n Cuttlefish …

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