‘Squid Sisters’ amiibo keep Nintendo’s Splatoon party going

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Splatoon's Squid Sisters, Callie and MarieOne of the highlights of Nintendo’s sensational Wii U shooter Splatoon has been the Spatfests, those themed (and sometimes branded) online events that let players around the world choose a team and fight for glory. During the weekend events, the Turf War stages as well as Inkopolis Plaza — the game community’s town square and hub — were re-skinned with an evening vibe, complete with musical performances from Callie and Marie, aka the Squid Sisters, who mainly served as announcers and hosts presenting the latest information about current available courses and updates such as new weapons and maps.

The regular content updates have ended, though, and the final Splatfest is upon us — and, with it, a decision that is sure to divide the fanbase like a modern American election: Callie vs. Marie. It all goes down July 22, bringing an end to these fun events after barely more than a year since they began (and indeed since Splatoon itself launched).

When the ink dries, there may be no more Splatfests, but there is a way to hang onto the music of the night. Friday saw the release of new Splatoon-themed amiibo figurines, including repaints of the existing Inkling Girl, Boy and Squid, as well as two new entries: the Squid Sisters themselves, Callie and Marie.

The Callie and Marie amiibo, when used in-game, allow access to musical performances in the Plaza, complete with the nocturnal atmosphere of a Splatfest.

Splatoon will still be playable for some time, even as the Wii U’s lifespan winds down ahead of Nintendo’s next system — it’s been a good year, and also a short year in many ways. But it’s good to know that, barring a final update that lets you choose the darkness, or — better yet — switches between night and day in accordance with real time, the Inkopolis nightlife will at least live on in this limited way (even if it requires an amiibo purchase).

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