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Super Metroid

“A dark secret lies deep beneath the surface of the planet Zebes. Space pirates swarm the area, led by the evil dragon Ridley. Within the cavernous confines of the Brinstar lies Tourian, lair of the malicious Mother Brain. The player must become renowned bounty hunter, Samus Aran, and journey into the depths of the planet. Her goal: to battle the hideous machinations of the space pirates, to defeat Ridley and Kraid, and to stop the terrible genetic experimentation on the deadly, energy-draining life forms known as Metroids …”



Join us for a three-part retrospective on the game series, leading up to the release of Metroid: Samus Returns in September! We’ll talk about the history of the series, our favorite games, some trivia and introduce a mini-podcast and gameplay video of Super Metroid, right here on Nerdvana! Helping you get in touch with your inner nerd since 2007!


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