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Long goodbye: Nintendo DSi closing up shop in 2017

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DSi Ware

Before the still-popular 3DS family, Nintendo portable gaming was in the hands of the DSi family. For anyone still rocking one of the older systems, time is running out to grab games from the online DSi Shop, which will shut down over the next year.

With hundreds of DSiWare games available, you’re sure to find some undiscovered gems in there from big and indie publishers alike. Nintendo Force, the unofficial spiritual successor to the long-running official magazine Nintendo Power, has some suggestions in their July/August issue for games worth looking into before the end. Subscriptions (print and PDF) are available from the magazine’s Patreon funding page.

Sept. 30 will be the last day to add DSi points to your online account. March 31, 2017, will be the cutoff to make new purchases — after that, the only downloads you can make will be those you’ve previously paid for, and even that option isn’t long for this world. (Do we even own anything, anymore?)

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