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Blaster Master Zero is blasting players some free DLC

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Ladies and Gentlemen, get your blasters ready, hop in your suburban tank vehicle and take to the underground labyrinth because the incredible Blaster Master Zero just got an update and announced some new characters!

Blaster Master Zero is already an amazing game for the Nintendo 3DS. As a fan of the original Blaster Master for the NES, you can imagine my excitement about learning of this remake being released this year. When the game arrived, I downloaded it and dived right in. I was amazed at how well the story has been fleshed out and the excellent save feature. The original game didn’t have one and would take upward of four hours to complete in one sitting.

What I didn’t anticipate was just how much effort the developers were going to put into this title. Back in May, My Nintendo News reported the release of the free DLC of a hard mode and the use of the characters Gunvolt and Ekoro (from the Azure Striker Gunvolt series). This is pretty cool — though if you want hard mode, you should try the NES game — but I digress.

Then, last week, Nintendo Life reported the introduction of two other playable DLC characters: Shantae (from the Shantae games) and Shovel Knight (from, well, Shovel Knight). Shantae is available now through July 19, and Shovel Knight will be released Aug. 3; each will be free for two weeks. After that, ya gotta pay for ’em: $2 apiece.

Either way, I still find this to be incredibly generous and pretty damn neat. It will be fun to play through the game as Shovel Knight and it makes up for a few of my gripes about the things missing from the game, namely the infamous Blaster Master grenade trick. But if I think about it, that’s probably for the best. Sure, the grenade glitch from the NES version is gone the way of the dodo, but is that really a problem? I would say, “no,” based simply on the enhanced weapon system and better usage of original game mechanics.

Blaster Master Zero is a worthy addition to any collection and this free DLC may provide more incentive for players to purchase it. What are you waiting for? It’s on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

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