Nintendo pushes Zelda, NX to 2017

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I’ve got good news and bad news, Zelda fanatics.

The latest entry in Nintendo’s adventure series won’t make the 30th anniversary release window this year after all, instead coming out sometime in 2017. But the game, once described as only for the Wii U console, will now debut on that system as well as the upcoming NX mystery hardware, which now has a worldwide March 2017 release date.

There are reports that the Zelda game will also release in March, making it a probably launch title for the NX, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Nintendo also said that it would focus its efforts at June’s E3 show on The Legend of Zelda (still the game’s working title), and won’t be showcasing the NX there. The announcement came on Twitter, along with some new artwork for the game’s protagonist, Link.

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