Nintendo Power Vol. 1 (July/August 1988)

UPDATED: Nintendo Power back issues resurface (briefly) on Internet Archive

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Nintendo Power magazine left us in 2012, but not before giving us 24 years of Redmond, Wash.-approved gaming news, cheats, maps, comic strips, fan art and letters to the editor that we actually cared about.

Nintendo Power Vol. 1 (July/August 1988)
Nintendo Power Vol. 1 (July/August 1988)

If you’re like me, your collection was scattered to the four winds over the intervening years — but as with all things, the internet has come to the rescue with a nostalgia fix.

The nonprofit Internet Archive (home of the Wayback Machine) has acquired and made available 145 issues of Nintendo Power, from its launch in July/August 1988 with that unforgettable clay Super Mario Bros. 2 cover to June 2001, long after the magazine went monthly. (That’s as of this posting — hopefully, we’ll be getting more until all 285 volumes are released.)

The unofficial Nintendo News blog notes that the periodicals seem to have been added in February, but word is just now getting around. To add to the mystery, there are conflicting on whether the release was sanctioned by Nintendo (I would be against that, myself).

You can view these relics of games journalism with a handy in-browser flip-book or download them in a variety of formats, including PDF (which you may want to do soon, in case Nintendo sends its “Hyrule Lawyers” through a Warp Zone to blue-shell the whole collection.)

Some say print is dead, but gaming magazines in particular are seeing a resurgence — and Nintendo Power’s spirit is being kept alive by the team at Nintendo Force and more than 2,000 backers pledging over $11,000 per month (and I’m one of them), so there’s obviously an extra life or two lurking out there for this once-great medium. Now, the fans of the new generation can discover where it all began, and those who were there at the beginning can relive the joy of getting that special delivery.


Aug. 8: Polygon notes that Nintendo has had the content removed.

This post originally published Aug. 3, 2016

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