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“There’s no such thing as a Nintendo”. 1990 Poster put out by NOA. from nintendo

We’re one week away from Nintendo’s promised Switch presentation, when we’ll learn (hopefully) all the important specifics of the new home console, like price, launch titles (Zelda, anyone?), exact release date, (ahem) scarcity issues …

The above Reddit post resurrects a barely remembered 1990 Nintendo ad that reads more like a PSA.

As the marketing for Switch ramps up (and ye gods, may it be better than the marketing Wii U received …), remember the dark days when all video games were generically described as “Nintendos,” branding be damned.

Allow Mario to mansplain it to you:

There’s no such thing as a Nintendo.

There’s the Nintendo Entertainment System. There’s Nintendo game software. And there’s Nintendo Power magazine. But there’s no such thing as a Nintendo. You see, “Nintendo” is an adjective, not a noun. It is our registered trademark that identifies the high quality products marketed and licensed by Nintendo of America Inc. So please use our trademark carefully. And never use it generically to describe all video game products.

We thank you. Mario thanks you.


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