Nintendo 3DS won’t melt your kids’ eyes

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With the U.S. release date of the Nintendo 3DS finally known, parents may be concerned about recent warnings in Japan that advised against small children using the 3-D portable gaming system.

But Wired magazine takes a good look at how this latest 3-D panic is less a true health risk than it is a newer version of the standard eye strain and seizure warnings that have been so ubiquitous in gaming as to have virtually faded into the background. As innovations arise, such material should be updated to keep pace with the technology.

Rather than yielding to knee-jerk reactions and hysterics, parents should see this information as an invitation to figure out how the latest technology can be worked responsibly into their childrens’ lives. Maybe both parent and child can learn something from it, and along the way they may find a new way to have fun together.

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