HEY, LISTEN! Nerdvana News audio update: Sonic Mania launch, and much ado about Metroid

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David Buck brings you a brief Nerdvana News update as we begin to take our first long-overdue steps into podcast production.

The flavor of the day is: Nintendo odds and ends.

Again, it’s our first foray into podcasting or anything like it, so we’d love to get your feedback!

Show notes for Aug. 15, 2017:

Links to topics, stories and products mentioned in the audio report:

Sonic Mania:

Bringing back the classics? Sonic Mania trailer revs up hype for 2-D wonder

Metroid madness!

Nintendo reveals 3DS Metroid II remake this year, Prime 4 development underway for Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild