More retro gaming action: ‘Gradius Rebirth’ for Wii Ware

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gradius_new.jpgKONAMI IMAGE

Giant, evil Easter Island heads and enormous bosses with glowing weak spots that scream “shoot me.” They’re all back to menace the galaxy, and once again it’s up to one little starfighter with an ever-growing arsenal of weapons to save the day!

Coming this summer in Japan to Nintendo’s Wii Ware service: Gradius Rebirth, which follows the style of the classic side-scrolling space combat games Gradius and Life Force. Only time (and money) will tell if we see it in the States.

I wonder if the infamous “Konami Code” will be resurrected as well? The 1986 Nintendo Entertainment system release of Gradius was the first game to employ the epic cheat.

Source: Wired


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