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There have been some recent updates found on Minecraft’s official website. These major updates include a delay on the new snapshot, an upgrade to Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows phone players, and a how-to guide for new Minecraft players.

The first main update is the delay on the new snapshot for Minecraft. Some of the snapshot updates include a new texture for wool blocks, new colored concrete blocks, and even an updated color palette for Minecraft. However, it was tweeted by Jens Bergensten that there would not be a new snapshot as of now because he has been in meetings and everyone is working on new things that are coming up.

The next big update from Minecraft is the update that Windows phone players will be getting for Minecraft. If the player is able to update their phone to Windows 10 Mobile, they will receive that update for Minecraft for no charge. This is strictly for Minecraft: Pocket Edition for the Windows phone players.

Digging through Updates- MinecraftThe last major update that has been added to Minecraft’s official website is the how-to guide for Minecraft beginners. This article, called “How To Minecraft”, explains the very basics of how to do the starting tasks when starting a new game in survival mode. It discusses how to craft, how to make a good starting shelter, how to defend yourself from the mobs, and how to efficiently explore the world that you have spawned in.  A picture from “How to Minecraft”

A picture from “How to Minecraft”
A picture from “How to Minecraft”

These major updates are pretty exciting, for beginners and for long-time players of Minecraft. When the snapshot eventually comes, it is sure to be exciting. When it comes to the update for Windows phone players, that is awesome as well. Finally, the how-to guide will help any newcomer to Minecraft. No matter who you are or how long you have been playing this sandbox game, keep on mining, building, and battling Creepers!

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