Mesa company has no funding for ‘Stargate’ computer game

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The CEO of Mesa-based Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has released a statement via the official Stargate Worlds online forum that reveals his company has not managed to secure funding for the online roleplaying game.

Tim Jenson mentions “several attractive potential opportunities but no confirmed funding”:

quotemarksWe would certainly like to keep the community more up to date, but we also don’t want to be misleading by giving opinions or guesses about things that may happen or could happen. While rumors abound about our funding, at this point we have several attractive potential opportunities but no confirmed funding. We are evaluating multiple Stargate IP products to see if we can get some products flowing sooner than Stargate Worlds, but nothing has been approved or decided at this point . Many people have labeled these Stargate IP’s with various titles, but there is no confirmed title at this point for any game besides Stargate Worlds. sgwlogoWhile we are seeking funding, we have signed various confidentiality restrictions and it is not possible for us to discuss much with the community until these potential opportunities run their course. We certainly hope there is light on the horizon. Sorry that I can’t say much more at this point.

A report that surfaced last month suggested that if funding wasn’t secured by Aug.1, MGM Studios would pull the license that allows Cheyenne and its publisher, FireSky, to produce content based on the feature film and several ensuing TV series. So far, there is no official word that such a move is imminent.

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