Downloadable content drops for ‘Mega Man 9’

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The first of the downloadable content for Mega Man 9 is available this week:


Endless Attack: Test your skills on a stage without end. Try to break the record for getting the farthest. Results will be displayed in the Rankings page. Not compatible with other Challenges.
Proto Man Mode (pictured): Play the game as Proto Man, an early version of Mega Man. Some of his abilities may differ from Mega Man’s. He has the Charge Shot ability, Power Slide ability and a shield that can deflect bullets at enemies. However, Proto Man also takes double damage and has double bounce-back when he is hit.

There is no story for Proto Man and he is not compatible with Rankings or Challenges.

Both sets of downloadable content are available now on Nintendo’s WiiWare Channel and Xbox Live Arcade, with PlayStation Network following Oct. 9.

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