Let’s play swine flu pandemic! (It’s just a game … right?)

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Why am I not surprised that a computer game based on the swine flu pandemic has beat a vaccine for the H1N1 virus to market?

Image: PhotoSpin
Image: PhotoSpin

You can play The Great Flu online at www.thegreatflu.com. It was designed by medical experts who apparently have nothing better to do at a university hospital in the Netherlands.

Thanks, Dutch doctors. (Cough, cough.) When the swine flu makes its epic comeback this fall, we’ll know who to blame. Unless this is like Ender’s Game, and world health officials have given up all hope of managing the crisis themselves, and they’re disguising the situation as a game that will inspire some child prodigy to step forward and save us all.

For the love of God, kids — PLAY THE GAME!

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