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Play NES adventures Kid Icarus, StarTropics on Nintendo Switch Online

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Two classic 8-bit adventure games are the latest Nintendo Entertainment System games to make their way to the Switch Online service’s offerings.

Kid Icarus is a 2-D vertical and horizontal scrolling platformer set in the mythological world of ancient Greece. It’s also damned difficult but a lot of fun to play.

A rarity for its time, StarTropics skipped Nintendo’s native Japan. It tells the tale of a baseball star searching for his missing uncle in a submarine island-hopping adventure.

David Buck adds: “StarTropics is perhaps my favorite NES game of all time. The classic story of young Mike Jones and his journey to C-Island and beyond is fun, engaging, hilarious and has some fantastic music.”

Update: Nintendo Everything reports that a vital code needed to progress past a certain point in StarTropics is missing from the Switch release.

Both games are available to Switch Online members as of March 13. Also joining the Nintendo Switch Online service: a modified version of the already-present Kirby’s Adventure that lets you skip directly to the difficult bonus “Extra Game,” and a modified version of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link that lets you start with Heart, Magic and Sword levels maxed out to Level 8 — and the “downward thrust” technique already in Link’s repertoire.

You can try the Nintendo Switch Online service free for a week. One month costs $3.99, three months cost $7.99 and a year costs $19.99 — but the best value is a family plan that costs $34.99 a year and accommodates eight people with free Nintendo Accounts. If you want to play Switch game online (Splatoon 2Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, etc.), you’ll need to sign on with this service anyway.

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