You have been invited to party at Karazhan in the newest HearthStone adventure!

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One Night in Karazhan

Fresh off being displayed in the Warcraft movie, Karazhan opens TODAY to host a grand party and YOU are invited!

Karazhan: The One Night in Karazhan adventure is now live TODAY and you can host a Release Party for it too! Want to know more about the wings in this adventure?  See the preview of The Parlor, The Opera, The Menagerie, and The Spire!

Patch Notes: A fairly large patch on July 12 was followed by a small patch on July 26, and then the Karazhan prep patch just a few days ago on the 9th!

Other cool stuff: Get a brand new Shaman hero from a new recruit a friend feature, and speaking of friends the Friendly Feud event filled what I see as a huge hole in the game, not being encouraged to play with your friends, plus it is going to be a regular type of thing since a new quest has been added! Earning Rank 20 during the August Ranked Play Season will get you a new Karazhan themed cardback! Also, don’t miss out on the Americas Summer Preliminary later this month!

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