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Hasbro introduces voice-activated banker in Monopoly

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By Nick Tirella

PHOENIX – With so much reliance on voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, it only makes sense to include such a technology in board games for children.

Hasbro is introducing to their Monopoly line a new version to play that comes with a voice assistant base station top hat called, “Mr. Monopoly”. The good thing about this is that you wouldn’t need Wi-Fi to have this connected in order to function like other smart speakers.

The game will not come with any paper bills due to the base station top hat being able to keep track of each players finances. The top hat will also be able to take transactions when you want to but property in the game. Just press your player token button located in top of the hat and say, “Buy Vine Street.” Mr. Monopoly will track the transaction and keep the game moving.

Hopefully the game won’t drag on for hours as it usually does and be able to recognize what the players said the first time. The base station had better be sturdy as well because when that top hat tells me I’m broke and need to go to jail, it might not survive when it’s thrown against the wall…

The voice activated version of Monopoly will hit stores on July 1 and will cost $30. That’s $10 more than Monopoly for Millennials. CW6 KASW

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