Google Earth Flight Simulator


The new Google Earth update not only features Google Sky, but also has a built-in flight simulator. It’s easy to use, fun, and best of all FREE. To get the flight simulator simply download Google Earth 4.2,

launch the application and press Ctrl Alt A (on a PC) or press Command Option A (on a MAC).

You get two planes to choose from (F16 or SR22) and a few different airports you can take off from. The keyboard controls

your plane and joysticks are also supported. The controls are very sensitive so it takes some getting used to (Hint: the SR22 is easier to fly), but when you do it’s a blast flying your plane anywhere in the world.

Here’s a great YouTube video that gives an overview of the Google Earth flight simulator.

And here’s a screenshot of my flight over Phoenix:

Here and there ...

Scott Kirchhofer
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