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Dungeons & Dragons Never Split the Party contest
Never Split the Party (Wizards of the Coast)

Last year Wizards of the Coast held an exciting contest for D&D fans of old, offering to reunite gaming groups that had disbanded for a free trip to Gen Con, the world’s largest convention for gamers.

The company has decided to revive the contest again for this year’s Gen Con, Aug. 5-8 in Indianapolis.

To enter, you have to nominate your group for a reunion, tell Wizards about the last time you all played together, what kind of house rules or inside jokes went on around the table, any infighting (or intramarrying) and why you ultimately went your separate ways.

Applications are being accepted at and are due by July 5.

Me? I’m still trying to make time for the weekly D&D Encounters events and a chance to dust off my ol’ dicebag… I didn’t even make it to Free RPG Day this year!

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