Gaming slang could make history


Video games and the Internet have already made huge impacts on modern society and all of our lives. Now it may happen in a new way. Always one of gaming’s most beloved and over-used terms, “noob” is set to become the one millionth word added to the English language. “Noob,” short for “newbie”, is a derisive name applied to anyone less skilled or experienced than yourself.

Numerous media outlets are crediting the Global Language Monitor,  an organization that tracks such things, with the prediction. According to the GLM, a word become officially recognized when it has been used 25,000 times or more. I’m not exactly sure how they keep track of that, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if they were to look at any number of gaming message forums, that number would be vastly exceeded already. As terrible as this is, I have to be thankful. At least it’s not “lolz“.

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Scott Kirchhofer
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