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Spend $15 or more on Wizards of the Coast products from one of these stores this weekend, and you get to take home one of four promotional items (i.e., stuff WOTC has too much of on their shelves).

The offer is good today (June 12) through Sunday, June 14. Seven of the stores are in Arizona, and five are in the Valley.

Qualified purchases entitle you to pick one of the following items (one per customer, while supplies last, of course):

  • Magic: The Gathering Sample Decks (2 per person)
  • D&D Miniatures Demonweb Booster Pack
  • Star Wars Miniatures The Clone Wars Starter Set
  • The Orc King D&D hardcover novel by R.A. Salvatore.

Magic The Gathering Dungeons and Dragons Demonweb miniatures

Star Wars the Clone Wars miniatures starter The Orc King novel by RA Salvatore

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