Five Nights in Their World

Five Nights in Their World: All FNAF games combined?

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Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games have always been a hit or miss. Some successfully convey the story and add their own twist on it, while others come short of explaining the story of FNAF and being original at the same time. However, a new FNAF fan game has been released, and it just goes to show that a fan game can tell a story just as well as the original series.

Five Nights in Their World takes elements from the original FNAF series and combines them into one game. The setting is based in FNAF 1 location, and the way the story is told at the start, through a newspaper, is the same. The minigames in the Five Nights at Their World are reminiscent of FNAF 2. The way the game is played is close to the way FNAF 4 and even Sister Location was designed. All of these elements have been packed into this one game.

Five Nights in Their WorldWhen it comes to Five Nights in Their World’s music, less is more. The only true sound effect is a gusty wind in the background. For this game, it works perfectly. The silence is unsettling and sets the mood right from the get-go. Sometimes, dramatic music is not needed, and this is one of those cases. This is one factor that makes it original compared to the official game series.

The animations and models are simply beautiful to look at. They are smooth and well-made, which adds to the creepiness. It is obvious that everything had lots of time taken on it to make sure it was just right for the release. One of my favorite parts of the game was how original and fresh everything looked.

Five Nights in Their World
Five Nights in Their World

One of the most impressive factors is that this game is made in Clickteam, just like the original FNAF series. Even though Five Nights in Their World appears to be 3-D, it is actually 2-D. The way the player is able to move about can trick them into thinking this game is 3-D. To make a flat game appear like it is 3-D is an impressive feat, and I applaud the developer for accomplishing this.

Some older characters and story have been incorporated into the game, as well as some new characters and lore. This makes the game seem familiar to fans of the FNAF series, while also adding a new take on it. I really enjoy this part, as it adds new mystery and story into the game.

Five Nights in Their World is currently in early access, and only one chapter has been released so far. If the game is looking this impressive already, there is no telling with what the developer has in store for the other chapters. There could be new characters, plot twists, and more story and mysteries revealed. For what has been released, this game is truly looking up. I am excited to see what the future brings for Five Nights in Their World.

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