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Back to basics: Five Nights at Freddy’s movie update

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On Jan. 31, a devlog on Steam was posted by Scott Cawthon regarding the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. He discussed how he wanted to be more involved with the movie from the start, so the movie is “back at square one.”

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Cawthon revealed that, “Last year the FNAF movie was met with several delays and roadblocks, some involving problems within the movie industry as a whole.” He goes on to say that the information he will reveal will be “cryptic.”

The only true information we got regarding the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie in the last couple years were some teaser images from Twitter posted by the film’s director, Gil Kenan, of the animatronics in progress of being built. Other than that, the FNAF community has not received much information about the movie.

All of this leaves the question: What will the focus of the movie be? The FNAF lore is so complicated and detailed that it would be almost impossible to cover every aspect of the story without leaving newcomers to the fandom lost and confused. There has to be a simplified version of the story and a focus in order to help every viewer of the movie, whether a longtime fan or a newcomer, understand what is happening.

Perhaps since the movie is “back at square one” and Cawthon will have a hand in developing this movie from the start, the story will focus on the original plot from the first FNAF game? All we as the fans can do is wait and see what more information will be revealed as time goes on.

I believe that the movie will focus on the basic premise of the FNAF lore instead of becoming crowded and overly complicated to the point where newcomers to the story would not be able to understand it.

Whatever the outcome is, all we can hope is that the movie beautifully executes the unique story of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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