Eight isn’t enough for ‘Mega Man’

Gaming Nintendo

megaman9.jpgAccording to the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Mega Man 9 will soon be coming to Wii Ware, bringing a dose of retro 8-bit style to a brand new game in the series.

There are even unconfirmed rumblings that the title will be available to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users as well. And why shouldn’t Capcom spread the love?

We should know more after E3 later this month.

I, for one, never thought that eight “classic” Mega Man games were enough. There are a bajillion other Mega Man titles for 16-bit and above systems (usually Nintendo), but they all strayed too far from the original formula for my tastes.

You can see scans of the NP article, with pics and boss info, at The Mega Man Network.

Now, when is Nintendo going to provide a storage solution for all the downloadable content they’re finally starting to provide?

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