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E3 Media and Business Summit (formerly known as Electronic Entertainment Expo)Steven Spielberg took top billing at Microsoft’s Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference today in Los Angeles, introducing a prototype camera that can be used as a controller for the Xbox 360.

The Associated Press reported that the accessory, codenamed “Project Natal,” can track a player’s full body movement while responding to commands, directions and a shift of emotion in voice without the need for a controller.

You can head on over to the Gawker gaming blog Kotaku for a picture of the device.

Will this give Nintendo’s Wii and DSi a run for their money?

Microsoft also promised full Facebook, Twitter and integration for the Xbox Live service. There were several announcements about the Xbox 360’s video capabilities including increased functionality with the online Netflix service, 1080p high-definition video downloads, live TV in the United Kingdom and the ability to watch movies online with friends.

Microsoft also debuted 10 exclusive new games, including: the open-world action sequel Crackdown 2, New Orleans-set zombie-killer Left 4 Dead 2, third-person shooter Splinter Cell Conviction, sleek racer Forza Motorsport 3 and the psychological thriller Alan Wake.

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